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Monday, November 28, 2005

Brazil....A "Politically Neutral" Country

Brazil has taken into Federal custody a British man who has lived in the country for the past ten years. The man, whose name will remain undisclosed, is married to a Brazilian woman and they are raising their two Brazilian born children together. The British citizen's lawyer failed to deliver important paperwork to Brasilia, and the Brasilian federal police picked him up at his house for violating immigration laws. This was in 2002. Three years later the man was still being held in federal prison. Since no progress had been made with his case, the man decided to take things into his own hands by going on a hunger strike. Twenty-four days into the strike, the report of his case was published on AOL of Brasil. Shortly after that, the federal police framed his case with new charges. They charged the man with child molestation.

This is a huge test case for the world to see just how justice is upheld in the most powerful nation in South America. The outcome is in great doubt as this man's family's future remains in jeopardy.

If the man truly wanted to hide from federal police and violate Brazilian immigration laws, he could have easily done so simply by moving to another part of his city, setting up home with a new address. Could it be that Brazil is retaliating against Great Britain for the London Police's mistaken shooting on the London City Metro of an innocent Brazilian earlier this year?

Much remains to be seen as this story unravels and develops to its climax.

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Ronald Nordquist is an American and a language expert living in Brazil, operating a small business together with his Brazilian wife. They have a 2 year old son. He has an MBA from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan and a web site at He wants to return to the USA.