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Friday, November 28, 2003

The BBC Brasil site is reporting this morning about a large march on the streets of Mexico City. Thousands of trade unionists, peasants and activists were marching against the Fox government's proposed reforms, including the planned privatisation of the electricity sector and the imposition of a value-added tax (IVA). The report suggests the march, which came off peacefully, had the support of opposition politicians.

One farmer is quoted by the Associated Press as saying, "We have an abandoned field. No one is making money, now the production is paralysed and many farmers are emigrating. We want national sovereignty in food and only to consume Mexican corn, beans, wheat and meat."

Considering the agenda is broadly similar, I suppose the successes of peasant protestors in Bolivia might strengthen the hand of the Mexican protestors and be some cause for concern in the government. The protestors called for a national strike if their demands were not met.



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