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Sunday, November 16, 2003

US Consulate Car Robbed in Rio

From the helpful Expats site in Rio, too much information about the theft of a US consular car at an intersection in Rio:

According to the police report Leslie was robbed of her diplomatic ID badge, credit card, cellular, a leather lamp cover, leather wallet, and the keys to her apartment. Mary also had her house keys, cellular, her aboriginal collection, among rugs and ceramics valued at R$ 1,260 all stolen. As for Virginia the thieves had taken the car documents, ceramic pieces, 50 CDs, an umbrella, and two impermeable coats, valued at R$ 1,200. Walid Afif, had his Consular badge, four credit cards, drivers license, watch, and Arab studies books stolen. In money, 350 and 200 dollars had been stolen (about R$ 592).

I take the Red Line to work every day. I feel sorry for my fellow countrymen, to be sure, but what were they doing with all that crap in the car?



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