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Monday, November 10, 2003

A Good Weekend

It's been a good weekend for a friend of mine, the Brazilian composer Harry Crowl. On Saturday he and his fianc├йe Rosie were married in their hometown of Curitiba. On Sunday evening, his Aetherus kicked off the opening night of the XV Biennale of Brazilian Contemporary Music (note: .doc format), here in Rio.

You can hear excerpts of Harry's music on his publisher's site. Harry is interested in exploring the tonal range of the instruments for which he composes; you find yourself in different musical landscapes when you listen. I also enjoy his settings of some of the poems of Symbolist poet Cruz e Souza.

Harry knows a lot about Brazilian classical music (I love the term erudita for such music), and I'm hoping he might take a turn as a guest contributor one day. In the meantime, Parabens, Harry! Best wishes to the new bride and groom.


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