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Monday, April 23, 2007

Brazil: Federal Police goes on strike

I have been talking extensively here about the disruption that has been caused by the Brazilian Air Traffic Controllers white strike. They do not go on strike completely, but they do delay operations so much that the whole system goes through a lot of pain. Well, as if we really needed it, the Federal Police wen on strike for 24 hours today adding insult to injury.

The Federal Police takes care of Immigration procedures at International Airports. Their way of going of strike is the same, they delay the processes of checking passengers documents so much that it becomes painful. Inspection times raise from 2 minutes under regular operation to about 15 minutes under what is called "operacao padrao". As a result lines swell and delays start to take place.

The strike is supposed to be trying to claim a salary raise that the PF Union leaders say was agreed upon previously. However, the strike is coming on a day that doubts about a Minister of the Brazilian Supreme court is being mentioned as having an involvement with the gaming mafia. This is raising suspicion about the strike itself, as the police work around the crime is on hold for now.

If you are coming to Brazil or coming back, please arm yourself with patience. Your line might take a few hours and not a few minutes. If you are going out internationally you might have to go to the airport four hours before your flight is due.



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