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Monday, December 29, 2003

No Argentina Weekly Roundup This Week

I'm juggling family, friends, work, other sorts of work, research and an unexplainably messed up sleep schedule (my body seems to refuse to sleep before I've been at least thirty hours awake), so there hasn't been much blog-time available this week. Luckly, in Argentina, as in Latin America in general, the holidays are also the traditional beginning of vacaciones, and there hasn't been much to report anyway. High-profile kidnappings, a nascent political fight between Kirchner and Duhalde (the man who pretty much put him in power in the first place), more moves in the Great Argentine Debt Game... Everything I'd like to blog about will still be there in a couple of weeks, barring anything major and unexpected.

You should never ignore the major and unexpected. After all, this is Latin America...



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